The wedding ceremony, followed by a celebratory event – one of the most solemn and memorable events in a person’s life! These moments are full of joy and bright hopes for a happy future for young families. To you have only pleasant memories of the solemn moments, the team «Gala Day Events» offers its services, taking full care to organize and conduct a wedding celebration, and thought over all the fine details. You can take advantage of a full range of our services, as well as any of the separate services. We will find an individual solution, in accordance with your wishes, budget and capabilities. The full range of services includes:

  • Organization of a romantic date and marriage proposal;
  • Organization of the first meeting and love of parents;
  • Organization of hen and stag;
  • Help in choosing the wedding of latrines and accessories;
  • Reservation date and time of the ceremony of the House of the celebrations and the church, as well as the organization of on-site ceremony;
  • Budget planning activities;
  • Selection and booking restaurants and rooms for banquets, organization of celebrations in the open air, on a yacht, wedding on the beach;
  • Consultation on the wedding menu or order catering;
  • Order the wedding cake;
  • Development of the script wedding and its direction;
  • Development and custom printed products, wedding site;
  • Develop appropriate decorations for a wedding convoy, car order;
  • Development of the concept, design and selection of wedding decorations, floral decorations;
  • Choosing a stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist;
  • Musical arrangement, providing lighting, sound and multimedia equipment;
  • Photo and video shooting;
  • Ordering holiday illumination, pyrotechnics and fireworks;
  • Selection of the master and DJ;
  • Assistance in selection and ordering of musicians, actors, singers;
  • «Rite twinning ‘families;
  • Selection of the entertainment program and spatial animation;
  • Organization of a wedding trip;
  • Additional holiday activities on request;
  • Coordinator on the day of the wedding celebration.

The very organization of the wedding – is delicate and important. On this day, two different families become relatives. And the parents of the groom and the bride depend on how this process occurs. It is the parents give their children the blessing of the wedding day and awarded no less attention than the couple themselves. The goal of our team and our goal is to release two families from numerous and debilitating hassle associated with the preparation for the wedding, taking full care for the reservation date and the triumph of time, booking restaurants and a choice of menu, decoration of the banquet hall and clarify various details and the details. We also take care of the guests, their placement, meeting and entertainment, where necessary, arrange additional transport. This initial commitment needed, without which it cannot do any one wedding. In addition, you can use any of the services listed above. Charge all the trouble on us – and enjoy your holiday to the fullest! After the wedding – it’s not just a set of services, and especially the story of two loving hearts. So, your wedding will be unforgettable both for the suite, so much for their friends, family members and relatives.

«Gala Day Events»
Event is yours – care is ours!

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