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Graduation party, devoted to the end of school educational institution, happens once in a person’s life. Ball graduates, in the full sense of the word should be exclusive and unique. Another of the prom will be no more, because he – the only one. Therefore, if something is not organized as it should be, and not thought out all the details, it can lead to a bitter nuance throughout the festive atmosphere, the negative tone and frustration, which will remain in the memories for years to come participants of the ceremony. And vice versa – if everything is organized and conducted correctly and professionally, then students, their parents and friends, will only be happy, cheerful and pleasant memories! This uniqueness of the ball entrants is the reason due to which the event requires special care and attention to all details. To Prom became a really wonderful festive event that will be remembered for a lifetime, you need to use the services of professional organizers and coordinators! «Gala Day Events» also offers its services for organizing and conducting the prom:

  • Writing and submitting the script all the festive evening;
  • Writing and presentation of an individual script of celebrations – for each graduate personally!
  • Selection of the restaurant, from the location of which depends the whole atmosphere of the event;
  • Consultation in the selection of festive menu;
  • Development of design and appropriate decorations, both indoors and outdoors;
  • Musical arrangement, providing sound and lighting equipment;
  • Taking pictures and videos celebrations;
  • Catering – before, during and after the holiday;
  • Development of holiday illumination and fireworks;
  • Selection of the master, musicians, singers, DJ and artists;
  • Spatial animation involving students and guests of the event;
  • Entertainment program, tour of selected client route;
  • Personal coordinator for the evening;
  • Additional public services according to the customer and calculated individually.

«Gala Day Events» Team wishes all entrants the wonderful festive evening filled with emotions and feelings, and a successful start in life!

«Gala Day Events»
Event is yours – care is ours!



Alumni meetings are one of those festive events that help a person to see in the “mirror” of life, on your distance traveled, and by meeting with former classmates or fellow students together to remember all the funny stories of their youth who were school teachers and university professors and even rekindle the embers forgotten, but still love extinguished …

Such events require great delicacy and should take into account the tastes and desires of not only the entire group, but often the preferences of each individual, so as not to disappoint the participants of this holiday filled with the intoxicating spirit of sentimental nostalgia.

Given the specificity of the characteristic celebratory event “Meeting of graduates,” it becomes obvious that it is better to entrust the organization of professionals who will take into account all the circumstances relating to his conduct and create the right atmosphere. This will require a number of activities. Services may be performed in combination, or at the request of clients, only some of the following:

  • Scripting of holidays;
  • Search and book suitable room, banquet hall or restaurant;
  • Consultation in the selection of festive menu;
  • Development and formulation of style scenery, including school and student photos;
  • Musical Arrangement;
  • Photo and video shooting;
  • Catering Services before, during and after the holiday;
  • Selection of the master, musicians and artists;
  • Spatial animation (with the participation of guests or their absence);
  • Personal coordinator of the event.
  • Additional public services, designed exclusively for each event separately.

We will provide attention to every detail during the preparation and conduct of the event, constantly keeping in touch with clients and take into account all the wishes to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere during the meeting. The cost of services is calculated strictly individually.

«Gala Day Events»
Event is yours – care is ours!


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