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There is no festival more diverse than Birthday! On the one hand, it is a personal holiday, which is celebrated on a regular basis and at one and the same day, but on the other hand, every year it is celebrated in a special way, because there is a transition to a different age. That is why the celebration gradually takes many forms and is filled with a variety of content – from the moment when the cake candles burn only a few, to the point where only one portrayed symbolically. Specificity of the organization of the birthday celebration is precisely that takes into account all the characteristics of the age of the birthday boy or birthday girl. Children in kindergarten arrange a holiday, pupils and students celebrate in their own way for people in middle age – the feast is held on his own script, while the heroes of the day – an event is more formal and solemn. But every time this kind of day is unique and exclusive. The organization of personal holidays must take into account the tastes of the birthday, social position, contacts, social circle, his mood at that time, as well as the preferences of his friends, who will be invited to the event. It is this characteristic of specificity required to take care of it professionals who pay attention to all details, and create a memorable atmosphere – original and unique as the original and unique every day in a person’s life. All services on the organization of personal holidays «Gala Day Events» provide you with high quality, professional and high-level. Our team will offer you several options scenarios for Birthday, explore your tastes, interests, preferences, and the circle of invited persons. Instructing us a full range of “turnkey” service, you can fully relax and enjoy the holiday. Our services can also be ordered individually and collectively:

  • Selection and reservation of suitable premises, room or other place for the event;
  • Consultation and selection of festive menus.
  • Developing and directing individual holiday scenario;
  • Create a theme, the development of appropriate decorations and stylish design and the venue; selection and hiring decorators and florists;
  • Provision of support staff;
  • Musical Arrangement;
  • Photo and video shooting;
  • Catering;
  • Festive illumination and fireworks;
  • Choosing a professional facilitator, musicians, DJs, artists;
  • Organization of entertainment program;
  • Welcome guests and ordering transportation;

It should be noted that the services, which involve contractors and executors, if the client wishes can include performances, animation, theatrical performances in a festive atmosphere, and can be a unique and original – that is, the performance for the first time. «Gala Day Events» will provide a festive atmosphere that will leave fond memories for a long time like a “culprit” celebration, and invited guests, relatives and friends. We guarantee an unforgettable experience, vivid emotional impressions and excellent mood of all present.

«Gala Day Events»
Event is yours – care is ours!

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