Children’s party


Probably everyone will agree that one of the most pleasant and happy events in our lives – a children’s parties! No matter who participate in them: children, parents, grandparents, friends or loved ones. The basic rule in the organization of such events is that they should be treated more responsibly than the adults! This special event in the lives of children, of which they dream, and they remember for a lifetime, no matter what a celebration – a birthday, a visit to Santa Claus, fabulous view, children’s party or a disco, fun home gatherings or travel on the environment. The organization of such events is time-consuming and requires a lot of imagination from their parents, in addition, attention should be directed to the “perpetrators” and the triumph of the little guests. To become a holiday unusual and memorable it is necessary to create a relaxed, cheerful and bright atmosphere, appropriate child’s identity. «Gala Day Events» will take care of the organization, design and animation celebration for children, and for all those present, leaving only the ability to enjoy the joy and magic of an extraordinary event! We will write the script based on individual interests and age and offer a full range of services to organize the event:

  • Search for and book an appropriate room – hall, restaurants, a yacht or a venue for outdoor activities;
  • Consultation in the selection of festive menu;
  • Decor and decoration of the venue of the festival;
  • The selection of suitable small gifts and souvenirs to participants of the holiday, according to your wishes and preferences;
  • Musical arrangement suitable age children;
  • Photo and video shooting;
  • Organization of catering;
  • Order a cake;
  • Selection of the master for the event – an entertainer, a clown or fairy tale character;
  • Entertainment program with the participation of the actors and the audience, interesting and unusual shows, contests;
  • Theatrical performances;
  • According to an agreed scenario – the involvement of parents and adults in the animation and entertainment of children.

Each event can be extended and other services not mentioned in the list. «Gala Day Events» The team provides a coordinator who will constantly be in touch to clarify and resolve the necessary issues during the preparation and conduct of the holidays. Thus, customers are freed from the hassle of the organization, and they will only vivid emotional experiences, fond memories of the joy of communicating with the children’s audience.

«Gala Day Events»
Event is yours – care is ours!


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